Tonsils Treatment

There are different options of tonsils treatment. From natural to homeopathy, ayurvedic to surgical or medicinal – tonsils is treated in various ways. Here you will find some of the common but really effective tonsils treatment categorized under their respective modes of treatment.

Tonsils treatment by medicine
To give relief from high discomfort and pains of tonsils doctors often recommend medications like ibuprofen, paracetamol, and acetaminophen. These are anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and fever reducing drugs. Paracetamol like panadol and calpol are very common to reduce fever, and aspirin or dispirin are also advised. However, you should not take any of the drugs without taking consultation of your doctors. Along with drugs doctors also recommend some liquids to gargle. You can be recommended salt water or non-alcoholic mouth wash to gargle. Surgical procedures are also adapted for those patients who are suffering and affected from repeated tonsillitis. Surgery is a long-term treatment for tonsillitis.
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Tonsils treatment naturally
Add some salts in lukewarm water and gargle many times in a day. You will get prompt relief from the pain and swelling of tonsils. Vegetable juices like beet juice, carrot juice and cucumber juices are given to the patients. Honey and lime when taken together is highly effective to treat tonsils. You can also take turmeric milk to get relief from the treatment.

Tonsils treatment by ayurveda
Like every other diseases ayurveda has also treatment options for tonsillitis. Different types of herbs, seeds, and even flowers are recommended by ayurveda to treat Tonsillitis. Fenugreek seeds, banafsha flowers, honey, alum, chamoliin tea, dacha, vast, and Karajan are the commonly used products in ayurvedic treatment of tonsillitis.

Tonsils are the parts of our body which is present in all and they do some important works too. But they become the matter of concern when affected with bacteria or viruses. This stage of infected tonsils is known as tonsillitis or more commonly tonsils. The best way to treat tonsils is to take some effective preventive measures which will arrest swallowing or formation of tonsillitis. Hence if you are aware of the causes and symptoms of tonsils you can handle the situations more effectively and even can prevent yourself to suffer from tonsils.

As said above that prevention is a part to treat and cure tonsillitis. Here are some simple yet really effective measures which act as preventive steps for tonsillitis.

  • Always try to keep your mouth free of bacteria. Brush positively twice a day. Brush your teeth in the morning after you wake up and then at the night time after dinner and before going to bed.
  • Try to avoid strictly taking food before you go to bed. If you had taken any, do not forget to brush and clean your mouth. Always remember accumulated food particles give rise to bacteria which are among the primary causes of tonsillitis.
  • Use salt water to gargle and keep your mouth fresh and bacteria free.
  • Also, try to intake dairy products in fewer amounts as calcium is the one of the major parts of tonsil stones.
Tonsils Treatment
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