Tonsils Removal Surgery

What to do before and after Tonsils Removal Surgery
Tonsils are gland like structures that work as germ fighters for your body. They act as a filter and trap the germs not allowing them to enter your body. But, sometimes these germs are not destroyed and they stay there on the tonsils which causes the tonsils to swell. If this condition happens to you very often then the doctor might recommend you got for the tonsils removal.

Tonsils removal surgery is a minor operation in which the tonsil glands are removed from your throat permanently. The surgery by which your tonsils are removed is called as tonsillectomy. Tonsil inflammation or tonsillitis is generally found in kids but many adults also suffer from this condition. Tonsil inflammation causes pain in the throat and irritation while swallowing. In severe cases it becomes very hard to even swallow water.

Before you go for the surgery, you will have to go through a blood or urine test. This is to ensure that your body will be able to recover from the surgery soon enough. The night before your tonsils removal surgery takes place, you will be advised not to eat anything or even drink any water after dinner. This is to ensure that you don’t vomit out food while the operation is going on. At the time of your operation, you will be given a dose of anesthesia. This will help you sleep and be unaware of anything being done to you during the operation. This will also make the surgery painless. The surgery and the whole procedure takes only twenty minutes or so. In that time, the doctors will remove the tonsils from you throat and take care of the bleeding that will follow because of the procedure.
Tonsil Removal Surgery
When you wake up, you might feel a bit dizzy and your throat might feels a little hurt initially. The doctor will ask you to drink a lot of fluids after the operation and you should do that because it is for your own good. It might hurt you when you try and swallow the fluid in but this will help your body to rejuvenate faster and keep your throat lubricated so that it doesn’t hurt. In almost all the cases, the patient is discharged the same day of the operation but it might happen that you have to spend the night at the hospital only. It all depends on your condition and the doctor’s recommendation.

A few days after the tonsils removal surgery, you will have to be careful and not stress yourself and your throat much. You must stick to eating soft foods only, the ones that go past your throat easily. Drinking water and a lot of fluids like juice will help your throat recover fat. Therefore, you must increase the intake of water and other nutritious fluids. The doctor will prescribe you pain relievers to ease the pain in your throat during tonsils treatment recovery period and you must take the medication regularly. After a week or two, you will be back as normal and all the signs of the surgery will be gone.

Tonsils Removal Surgery
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