Tonsils Removal Side Effects

Tonsils are basically the tissues which are present on either side of the back of the mouth so that your body can fight infections. In case you are prone to developing frequent infection within the tonsils then your doctor might recommend you to get them removed. This complete procedure is commonly known as tonsillectomy and the tonsil removal surgical procedure can have a number of side effects. Some of them are :-

  • Getting your tonsils removed may lead to a lot of pain in the back of the mouth or throat. As such you might not be able to eat certain foods. In order to avoid pain you should avoid consuming spicy food, alcohol or even hot food. You may experience mild to severe pain and will heal on its own as the body heals. You can take the prescribed medication.
  • Bleeding is yet another side effect of getting tonsils removed. Patients normally experience minimal bleeding as well as temporary nausea. However if you experience severe symptoms such as excessive bleeding or vomiting accompanied with blood then its time you seek proper and immediate medical care. Besides, such symptoms should not appear until a week after surgery as per the Better Health Channel hence it becomes important to stay alert and take care.

  • The patient can also experience the symptoms of infection at the site of surgical incisions. As such the person becomes prone to fever, fatigue, body aches or even headache. Besides, this might also cause foul breath. Hence it becomes all the more important to seek medical care if you experience such symptoms.
  • While healing, a scab will form over the incision and as such it might cause unpleasant taste in your mouth. However you need not worry as it would completely subside once you are completely healed.
  • Another important side effect after getting your tonsils removed is earache. This can be mild or moderate and can also interfere in your ability to hear. However, once your body begins to heal, the earache problem also gets resolved.
  • The patients might also encounter chest infection and breathing problems. There is significant risk that blood and tissue on operation can get to the lungs through your throat which can lead to infection. Besides one can also have blocked nose which would take up a week or so to clear completely.
  • In fact there can also be damage to the muscle in the roof of the mouth which can cause unpleasant change in the voice. Besides, there can also be damage to one’s Eustachian tube.

tonsils removal side effects
Thus the side effects and risks on tonsil surgery can completely vary from person to person and all you need to do is to take proper rest. If you report some undesirable side effects then it is always advised to seek immediate medical care and consult your doctor.

Tonsils Removal Side Effects
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