Tonsil Stones Treatment

Before you proceed to tonsil stones treatment know what tonsil stones actually are. These are small clusters of calcareous matters and form in the mouth rears or in the crypts of tonsillitis. These stones are known as Tonsillitis in medical terms. They are called by different names as throat blobs, white bumps, throat ulcers, yellowish-white globs, etc.

Though they are not harmful but they are irritating enough and the bad breath produced by them is really unforgettable. It is like your breath smells like anything but shit. So, it is really essential to take proper preventive measures along with treating the stones. In fact, following some preventive steps is the part of tonsil stones treatment.

Tonsil Stones Self Treatment
Self treatment or natural treatments are effective to cure these irritating stones. Here are some simple tips to treat these stones at home  :-
tonsil stone treatment

  • Gargle with lukewarm water by adding salt in it. Try at least for 3 times a day and you will find these small enemies of your throat are escaping. You can also use mouth washes which are free of alcohol
  • Finger pressing and cotton swab usage are effective and common self tonsil stones treatment. Try the cotton swab against the tonsil stones’ bottom and press slightly to push it upward. Be careful that you are not swallowing those stones. Split them out. You can use your finger in the same way to push these stones and split them out.
  • You can also use medicinal dropper which comes with curved tips for sucking out the stones.
  • You need to follow good oral hygiene for less formation and infection of bacteria
  • You can also brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. It helps your mouth to remain bacteria free. Accumulated food particles are often responsible for formation of bacteria which in turn develop tonsil stones.
  • Try to use tongue cleaner after every meal. It will help to remove those bacteria which are left by your brush.
  • Dry mouth is responsible to create bad breath. So, drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist.
  • You can also chew some of the sugar free gums for promoting production of saliva. This will ultimately prevent bad breath.

Surgical Tonsil Stones Treatment
If you do not have so much time to give for natural tonsil stones treatment, then the surgical treatment procedures are for you. Also, some people want this treatment to get rid of these stones permanently. But this treatment is a bit risky and a little aggressive. In this treatment tonsil stones are removed via oral curette. Sometimes these stones are also removed by removing the tonsils.

This tonsil removal surgical treatment is to give long-term effects and highly promoted by the doctors. Be careful that you are not going to apply your surgical skills in removing these stones. It may result to adverse effects.

Now, it is upon you to decide which method of treatment you are going to take.

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