Tonsil Stones Removal

Tonsil stones are sulfur based microbes that develop inside the tonsil crypts and then bring about a barrage of symptoms ranging from headaches, uncomfortable throat, discomfort in ear, stomach and the major of them being constant bad breath. If you have tonsil stones then, tonsil stones removal therapy could be the one of alternative you have.

Tonsils are a gland like structure that protect your body from harmful microbes coming in from the air you breath in. they act as a sieve and filter out the harmful elements in the inhaled air and kill them before they can harm you. So, they are a kind of defense mechanism your body has. Some people have sleek or narrow pockets called crypts where these tonsils are present but some have large ones in which the growth and development of tonsil stones is favorable. The ideal way of treating this is by tonsil stones removal. Tonsil stones can be removed by many methods, which include a home treatment as well. home treatment is inexpensive but is risky because it can damage your tonsils. This method is very straightforward. You can use a clear finger nail or a tooth pick for this method.

Tonsil Crypts
All you have to do is reach out for the tonsil stone and then press it from one side. After repeated attempts it will pop out on its own but one should be cautious as to not to harm the tonsil structure. This method is too crude and not recommended because there are simpler and less harmful methods which you can do at home. Another method, which can be a little high-tech for you, is using jets of water. The pulsating jets of water will build up pressure behind the tonsils and force them out of there place. Both these methods for tonsil stones removal can be done at your home but they are not easy to do. This is because the tonsils are located at hard to reach places in your throat and finding the right spot can be a tough job, let alone sticking a tooth pick into your and guiding it to the place where the stones have deposited.

It is better that you consult a doctor or a dentist for the tonsil stones removal because then, he will give you a treatment that is clinically approved and will be done by a professional hand. Moreover, it is very easy for someone to look into your mouth and remove the stones than you raising your head and then trying to find the tonsils on your own by looking into the mirror in front of you. The major difficulty in tonsil stone is that you cannot tell for sure that you have the problem because they are so deeply embedded in the throat behind the tonsils. Therefore, you should always go for the tonsil treatment by a dentist and if the necessity arrives then only you should do it at home and that too only using jet of water.

Tonsil Stones Removal
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