Swollen Tonsils Treatment

Swollen tonsils can be treated at home by some natural remedies. If you prefer over-the-counter medicines you can also take the same along with home remedies or you can only continue with the natural remedies. Ayurveda also plays an important role in swollen tonsils treatment. Some people also like to stick with homeopathy treatment to cure swollen tonsils.

Home remedies for swollen tonsils treatment
Lime and honey to treat swollen tonsils
Take a glass of luke warm water and squezze 1/2 lime. Add 1 bsp of honey and start taking sips. It is effective to cure swollen tonsils.

Gargle with Salt water to smoothen and treat swollen tonsils
This is the age-old method to treat swollen tonsils. If can add 1tsp of lime juice the solution will work quicker. This solution of warm water, salt and lime juice will kill those bacteria which are responsible for the infection of swollen tonsils. This mixture is also effective in drawing excess fluids from the infected and swollen tissues and gives you relief from the tonsillitis problem.

Take luke warm milk with turmeric
Turmeric is highly valued for its medicinal properties. It is also effective in curing swollen tonsils. Add a pinch of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drink the milk when it is still warm or luke warm. It will give you relief from infected tonsils.

Vegetable juices for Swollen Tonsils Treatment
Juice of fresh carrots, cucumber and beet are found effective to cure swollen tonsils. So, when you are suffering from tonsillitis, take these juices and get relief.
When you are affected with swollen tonsils make sure you are not taking any spicy and solid foods. Stay on liquid diet. Drink water and fresh fruits and vegetable juices. If the pain is unbearable take an over-the-counter drug. It will help you to get rid of pain. Take complete rest and try not to speak more.

However, preventive measures play a major role in treating swollen tonsils. In fact if you follow some basic routines, you can be at safe side. Some of the simple but effective steps can arrest the growth of swollen tonsils including other tonsil problems like tonsil stones. Hence once recovered from swollen tonsils try to maintain these steps to prevent yourself from future sufferings.
swollen tonsil treatment

Prevention for swollen tonsils occurrence

  • Brush your teeth at 2 times a day. Do not take foods immediately before going to bed. If you have taken do not forget to brush. This will prevent accumulation of food particles and formation of bacteria which are responsible for swollen tonsils or infected tonsils.
  • Use tongue scrapper after brushing will help you to get rid of those hidden food particles or bacteria which are left by brush. Hence use of tongue scrapper is effective to prevent infected or swollen tonsils.
  • Avoid over intake of dairy products as these products mainly contain calcium which are responsible for infected tonsils.
  • Drink plenty of water as this will help your throat and mouth to remain moist.
Swollen Tonsils Treatment
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