Natural Treatment for Tonsillitis

Natural treatment for tonsillitis is the alternative to medicinal treatment for the tonsillitis. Though medicinal drugs are often prescribed but some of the medications have side effects which make the situation more complicated. In those cases you can go for some effective home remedies to treat and cure tonsillitis.

Effective Natural treatment tonsillitis
Gargle with salt water : One of the age-old natural treatments of tonsillitis, salt water is highly effective to remove tonsil stones. This water also prevents development of new tonsil stones. When you gargle by salt water the food particles or crypts will clean out and there will be no further growth of tonsil stones.

Lime and Honey :
– A fantastic and an effective natural remedy to treat tonsillitis. To get the full benefit of these natural products, take a fresh lime and squeeze it in a glass full of warm water. Add 4 teaspoons of honey in the warm water. If you want, add a quarter teaspoon of table salt. The medicine is ready. Sip it slowly and you will feel great relief.
natural remedy tonsillitis treatment
Turmeric Milk :
Both the turmeric and milk are the power packs of nature and both of them have healing properties. To get good and prompt results, take a galls of boiled and luke warm milk. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Pepper powder can also be added in the milk. Take this turmeric milk at night at least for 3 nights and find beneficial results.

Banafsha flowers :
Herbs and flowers are highly valued in ayurveda. Banafsha is also such a flower that has great medicinal properties and is highly effective in curing problems like tonsillitis. Take 12gm of this flower in a glass of 50ml hot milk. Keep the flowers for sometimes and then filter the milk. Take the filtered milk hot. It will soothe the pains and give you relief. You can fry the filtered banafsha in clarified butter and use it as a poultice to the throat.

Gargle with fenugreek seeds :
Fenugreek is highly known for its medicinal properties and also has been used to treat various problems since ages. In case of natural treatment tonsillitis, fenugreek too plays an important part. Take 2 tbs of fenugreek seeds and boil it in the water in for ½ hour. Let it cool and then use that water to gargle. You will get fantastic result.

Along with the home remedies for tonsillitis you can also be aware of some diets which are included in the natural treatment tonsillitis. As during this problem it is really difficult to take heavy and solid foods you should take that diet which is full of easy but healthy options. Orange juice is highly recommended and widely used as a diet for the tonsillitis patients during their acute period. After the period you can switch to fruits diets. But make sure you are not anything spicy or sour substances in these days of tonsillitis.

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