Home Treatment for Tonsil Stones

Home treatment tonsil stones
Tonsil stones are really irritating. Bad breath, back throat inflammation, sore throat, coughing, pain, and difficulties in swallowing foods and liquids too are the common symptoms of tonsil stones. To get rid of such unwanted situations you can apply some of the home treatment tonsil stones. These ways are found effective in treating existing stones along with arresting any further formation of these stones.

Gargle with salt water
Salt water has been used since long time for treating tonsils and tonsil stones. To treat or remove these stones take some salt water into the mouth. Take a clean tooth pick for dislodging those lumps. When you are taking out the stones be careful that you are swallowing the same rather you are splitting them out. However, be careful and ensure that you are not causing any damage to the tonsil that may cause infection making situations worsen, which might end up requiring tonsil stone surgery removal.

Finally the stones are not there. But you are still having bad breath which is embarrassing. You will be able to get rid of all the foul effects to tonsil stones by taking some preventive measures which will not only help to home treatment tonsil stones but also arrest the further growth of these stones.
home treatment tonsil stones
Following regularly some of these easy yet effective ways of home treatment tonsil stones, you can cure the stones at your home :-

Brush your teeth at least twice daily, in the morning and in the evening
Brushing is really essential to keep these lumps away from you. Do not forget to brush your teeth in the morning and at night after meal. These will help in dislodging all those food particles which usually get stuck in teeth and develop bacteria. So, keep your mouth free of bacteria.

Use salt water or alcohol free mouth wash to gargle
The best liquid to gargle is salt water. Try at least three times a day and feel the magic. You will also find different mouth wash which are free of alcohol. These are useful to gargle to prevent tonsil stones.

Drink water and avoid caffeine drinks or sodas as alternatives to water
There are no alternatives to water. Drink water to keep your mouth moist and prevent growth of tonsils.

Use tongue scrapper after brushing teeth
Tongue scrappers are really useful to keep your mouth free of bacteria. Sometimes brush missed some bacteria and those are accumulated to give rise to tonsil stones. But by using tongue scrapper you can reach those hidden enemies and friends of tonsil stones and remove them. So, start using tongue scrapper after brushing from today.

Try to avoid heavy supper before you go to bed
Eating right before often give rises to tonsil stones. From the remaining food particles bacteria can accumulate to develop tonsil stones. So, do not forget to brush after your dinner.

Try not to over your intake of dairy products
As precaution :- You should not overly consume on your daily dietary intake. Tonsil stones are made up mainly of calcium and mucus which are the components of dairy products. So, try to limit your intakes of dairy products to prevent growth of tonsil stones.

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